Artisana Featured at VegNews.com (January 2012)


Our Organic Cacao Bliss was featured as “This Week’s Must-Have” at vegnews.com in January 2012.

This cacao-based nectar is chocolaty, decadent, and ready to claim the throne as your new favorite spread.

Chocolate-hazelnut spread? Done and done. Cookie spread? Old news. Just kidding! We definitely aren’t sick of these pasty pleasures yet. However, we’re ready to welcome a new contender to the vegan spread world—there’s plenty of room for more. Artisana’s Cacao Bliss is a rich mix of coconut butter, agave syrup, and cacao, resulting in chocolate-coconut perfection that we can’t wait to smear on a crepe, toast, or slices of fruit. And while it may sound indulgent, Cacao Bliss is all-organic and raw, so it wows without packing too much processing. If this is the post-peanut butter generation, we can’t wait to see what else is in store.