We love hearing from you about how you use and enjoy our products!

Here are some kinds words from our customers…

Kudos to your company for your packets of nut butters… Please don’t stop making these products. The portion size is just right, especially for kids lunches. The pecan butter is such a treat!

– Cheryl Ann

This is the most awesome product on the market. I absolutely am in love with this stuff. Totally and completely.

– Jennifer M.

I love the caco bliss butter! I crave sweets and have been searching for something without refined sugar. This is perfect. I eat a teaspoon for my sweet craving to be satisfied. It’s GREAT! So glad it’s healthy and without all the bad stuff that’s so common in sweets. Thanks for making this product!

– Kristin R.

When I bought your cashew butter the other day, I was feeling cynical about my choice… and then I put it in my mouth… Seriously, it is sublime. I am so looking forward to trying the coconut butter and walnut butter. Thank you so much for such a high quality product!

– Lee C.

I want to eat the whole jar of Coconut Butter with a spoon in one sitting! It is so delicious… I make green smoothies every morning, and starting tomorrow I’ll add your coconut butter.

– Tom R.

We love your coconut oil! Wow, it tastes so great. We chose your brand not only because it is organic, some proceeds go back to the forest, but because it comes in a GLASS jar! Thank you for providing a quality product that we feel comfortable feeding our family.

– Melody M.

Your Coconut Butter is totally amazing. I do believe I cannot stop eating it. Your product has a heavenly taste and I feel soooo good after eating it. Thank you so much for making such an incredible product!

– Debbie

Can I just say that your Artisana 100% Organic Raw Coconut Butter is one of the best things on the planet? It is delicious.

– Ellen S.

I love LOVE Artisana coconut oil, butter and superfoods!! I am a USA National Rowing Team athlete training on the Oakland estuary for the 2013 World Championships, and I use your products as part of my nutrition program.

– Kate B.

I just tried your Artisana Cacao Bliss, and it is to die for. The taste is so pure, and yes “blissful”! Now when I need a sweet/chocolate fix, I just have myself a spoonful of this wonderful raw butter and I am totally satisfied. Thank you for such a wonderful, pure, organic product.

– Cheryl B.